Dry Installed Cutter Pumps – BSP series

Our Landustrie dry installed heavy duty cutter pumps are designed for sewage and wastewater applications where solids need to be cut into small particles that can be pumped through small diameter pipelines with no risk of blocking. Their high torque cutting system cuts, where others grind, and most fragments pass through the cutting system without wearing the actual cutting edges.


With their low motor power requirement and high head capability, our BSP cutter pumps are designed to pump small quantities of waste water with high heads. They are often used for small sewage stations servicing single or groups of houses in areas where gravity systems cannot be used. In industrial applications, the cutter pumps can be used when there are fibrous materials in the wastewater.  Example applications where the BSP cutter pumps are used include anaerobic digestion installations, cutting pieces of vegetables in waste water at vegetable plants, waste from a Hippo house at a Zoo, emptying waste from ships when they arrive in the harbour.


The pumps are fitted with short coupled motors in horizontal or vertical configurations and there are high head or lower head / higher flow performance options.  Other options include viton seals, ‘O’ rings and gaskets if required.


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