Submersible Cutter Pumps – DSP series

Our Landustrie submersible heavy duty cutter pumps are designed for sewage and wastewater applications where solids need to be cut into small particles that can be pumped through small diameter pipelines with no risk of blocking. Their high torque cutting system cuts, where others grind, and most fragments pass through the cutting system without wearing the actual cutting edges.

With their low motor power requirement and high head capability, our DSP cutter pumps are designed to pump small quantities of wastewater with high heads. They are often used for small sewage stations servicing single or groups of houses in areas where gravity systems cannot be
used. They are also used at caravan parks where narrow pipe from the sewage station often runs over long distances. In industrial applications, the cutter pumps are used for wastewater containing fibrous materials.

The cutter pumps are available in standard or explosion proof, high head or high flow (lower head) models.

DSP22-05 & DSP22-08
The pump models are shown in the table below, along with the old Robot identification numbers. Please click on the model numbers for data sheets :
Motor Size (kW) Cast iron pump with hardened chrome steel cutter system Max Head Max Flow
0.65 DSP22-05DA  (RS2111DA, RS2210DA) 10m 22m3/h  6l/s
1.5 DSP22-05BB  (RS2110BB, RS2210BB) 21m 25m3/h  7l/s
2.2 DSP22-05BD  (RS2110BD, RS2210BD) 28m 25m3/h  7l/s
2.6 DSP22-05BE  (RS2110BE, RS2111BE, RS2210BE) 32m 25m3/h  7l/s
3.5 DSP22-05BG 38m 25m3/h  7l/s
4 DSP22-05BH  (RS2110BH, RS2111BH, RS2210BH) 43m 25m3/h  7l/s
1.5 DSP22-08BB 14m 31m3/h  8.6l/s
2.2 DSP22-08BD 18m 36m3/h  10l/s
2.6 DSP22-08BE 22m 38m3/h  10.5l/s
3.5 DSP22-08BG 27m 42m3/h  11.6l/s
4 DSP22-08BH 32m 45m3/h  12.5l/s
For free standing installation, the submersible cutter pumps have a stand built in and are available with 90 degree 2” and 3” hose connections or 90 degree G2” female thread connection.
For fixed installation they are normally used with the 2” OWK050 (Robot V50) pedestal kit.

Their discharge flange is also compatible with the 2.5” OWK065 (Robot V65) and 3” OWK080 (Robot V80) pedestal kits.

If space in the chamber is limited, the 2” BWK050 (Robot HK50) high level coupling requires less room for installation and is ideal for shallow sumps. The above water connection uses a leak free rubber seal and is always visible for inspection.

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