Vortex Pumps

BW Vortex Pumps

The latest Robot Dry Installed Pumps brochure


BW Vortex Pumps use a non-clog design, the recessed vortex impeller leaves a wide unobstructed passage through the volute in which a strong vortex is created that carries most of the solids. With the BW Vortex pumps there is no risk of jamming and low performance from faulty impeller adjustments and wear.

The design of the pump enables the handling of large solids, the strong vortex means that solids are left behind even at low flow conditions. Natural low wear is experienced for vortex pumps as most of the solids pass in front of the impeller without even touching it. Wear will only have limited effect on performance and evenly spread over the impeller it will not create high vibration levels. The Robot series of vortex pumps is available in a wide selection of solid series.