Vortex Pumps

RW Vortex Pumps

The RW Vortex pumps brochure


RW Vortex pumps are designed specifically to handle a variety of solids sizes, including heavy and gassy sludges. All Robot vortex pumps feature a non-clog design, having a recessed vortex impeller with a wide unobstructed passage through the volute.

The strong vortex created is not confined to the volute, but extends to the surrounding water. This ensures stringy materials are rolled up in the vortex and heavy solids and high concentration of sludge can be handled. As solids are not left behind, sump cleaning is greatly reduced. Solids pass in front of the impeller without touching it, meaning there is less risk of blockages, and even fibrous material is thrown away from the radial blade edges and cannot hook onto the impeller. With no narrow clearance in the design, there is no jamming or sudden drop in performance.