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Welcome to PD Pumps

The team at PD Pumps specialise in the supply of submersible and dry installed pumps, being the sole UK & Ireland distributor for Landustrie submersible and dry installed Pumps, which replace the former Robot pump models. Our range is complemented by pumps from Fips/Zirantec, who are among the biggest names in Pump brands worldwide. 

We offer sales of pumps for new applications and replacement of pumps in existing installations, along with spare parts for Robot and Landustrie pumps, all backed up with knowledgeable support and many years of experience. 

Our easy to use online pump selection program helps make the process of choosing the right pump for your application simple and accurate, or if you would prefer to send us the details of your application then we will gladly select the best pump and send you a quotation. 

robot pumps

Robot Pumps

Robot Pumps was among the most reliable and trusted brands for submersible and dry installed pumps for waste water. PD Pumps has been the UK & Ireland distributor for Robot Pumps for decades and we continue to keep spare parts and accessories in stock. The replacements for the most popular Robot submersible and dry installed pumps are still manufactured today by Landustrie and are kept in stock here at PD Pumps, along with the free standing, header coupling and guide rail installation accessories. Our experienced team will gladly assist you in selecting new and replacement pumps and spare parts.

landustrie pumps

Landustrie Pumps

We keep the Landustrie replacement pumps for the most commonly used Robot models in stock at all times, so all you need to do is enquire today or browse our range in stock. With this stock we can meet the requirements of the pump user in a large number of cases and industries, with our extensive team helping out all industry types such as commercial, industrial, domestic and agricultural environments. Also, the various setup options such as stand ring with hose/thread connections, low level underwater couplings and high level above water couplings and with sealing rings are normally available from stock. Our experienced team can assist you in selecting pumps or parts. 

fips pumps

FIPS Pumps

FIPS has been manufacturing for more than thirty years in the worldwide market a complete range of submersible and external pumps, mixers and agitators. Make sure to check out our FIPS Pumps page to view our range of products available.