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More than 1800 models of pumps for different applications like Industries, Wastewater, Residential & Agriculture.
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FIPS has been manufacturing for more than forty years in the worldwide market a complete range of submersible and external pumps, mixers and agitators. The company was established in 1978 by Orfeo Agostini in Rozzano (south of Milan) and today is at the second generation.

Vortex – Impeller suitable for lifting of sewage liquids, civil waste and industrial water containing solids and viscous materials, heavy muds, raw or fermented sludge. Applications: urban sewage plants, lifting water plants. High head – High performance – Wide free passage.

Single-Channel – Non-clogging single channel impeller with large free passages. High hydraulic efficiency, resistance to wear and low mechanical action on the pumping medium make this pump series particularly suitable for treatment of rain water, sewage water containing solids, fibrous and abrasive liquid, active and industrial sludge. Applications: sewage stations and industrial treatments plants.

Multi-Channel – Closed multi-channel impeller resistant to wear and suitable for lifting of rain water, mixed liquids and waste water without gas and solids and fibrous materials. Applications: civil and industrial applications, sewage lighting plants, treatment water plants.

Grinder pumps – The cutter mechanism reduces solids contained in liquids into small pieces. This enables the use of narrow pipes without risk of clogging. Both the fixed and movable parts are built in a special stainless steel. Applications: food industry, textile and agricultural irrigation.

Spiral Impeller Pumps –  The impeller is characterised by its spiral shape and large radial curvatures. Thanks to its parabolic development the ungrilled and solids laden liquids do not cause any danger of clogging. Its shape ensures minimal damage to the pumped liquid and reduces turbulence. Applications: urban sewage systems, biological sludge, textile and food industries, slaughterhouses.

Monobloc –  Dry installed short coupled Vortex – Single Channel – Spiral Cleaning and water treatment, pumping stations, denitrification-nitrification, muds circulation. Textile, paper, metallurgic, mechanics, store, food, sugar, breed, ceramic industry.

Agitators – The turbulence created by the agitator prevents the formation of incrustations on the surface of the water and removes any build-up deposited at the bottom. Applications: Wells and rainwater collection basins.

Propeller Mixers – Three-bladed propeller for mixing and suspension of all types of liquids and sludge. Applications: mixing up and handling of liquids with suspended solids, mixtures of high viscosity liquids, chemical industry.

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