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For Submersible Pumps and Dry Installed Pumps there is ONLY one move .... to PD Pumps Limited

About us

PD Pumps

At PD Pumps we specialise in the supply of Submersible Pumps and Dry Installed Pumps. Our operations are extremely flexible, ensuring that the whole team - sales, design, test, service and repair - is available at all times to provide a completely satisfactory result for our clients.

Who are PD Pumps ?

PD Pumps are a sound group of skilled professionals and enthusiasts who for half a century have been breaking new ground, always with the same objective in mind : how can we solve this particular disposal problem as a whole?

With efficiency and ease of maintenance in mind, with an eye to the future and above all reliability. But there is much more to us. We are a progressive, forward looking company, open for new challenges in the pumping of water containing solids. An approach that has been typical of our company.


PD Pumps Limited

Unit 8, Stuart Road

0161 494 5522